Dutch Poultry Centre

Clustering into just one strong brand

The Dutch Poultry Centre (DPC) is an umbrella organisation of more than 80 Dutch companies that are active in the poultry sector. Global players such as Marel Stork, Meyn, MSD Animal Health, For Farmers Hendrix, De Heus and many more are members of DPC.

Eastern Europe is a significant sales market for DPC members. So the Dutch Poultry Centre wanted to increase its brand awareness and conclude durable business relationships in the region. The Dutch Poultry Centre approached Red Star for this purpose.

We have developed an Eastern European marketing and communications plan with the objective of clustering global awareness of the entire Dutch poultry sector into just one strong brand. But also to share knowledge, know-how, innovations and finding suitable partners in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and other countries in the region.

A multitude of activities

Since 2011, Red Star has been DPC’s official partner for the implementation of the marketing plan. Participation in international leading trade shows and congresses, presentations and speeches, master classes and field visits, relationship management with the relevant organisations and local authorities – all this is provided by the enthusiastic Red Star team. As well as Russian printed matter, promotional materials, websites, articles in agricultural trade journals and other communication means.

A tangible result

All these activities have resulted in a strong awareness of DPC among the relevant partners in Eastern Europe.

Lely Industries

Tangible sales results

Lely Industries NV is a Dutch multinational company with its head office in Maassluis. The agro-technology company produces advanced agricultural machinery. Lely operates in about 60 countries and comprises a large number of subsidiaries worldwide.

Lely presents itself as ‘Innovators in Agriculture’ and is continuously occupied in the improvement and renewal of feeding, milking and mowing machinery. The Lely Astronaut milking robot is the most obvious. Another typical Lely product is the Lely Vector; a unique, automatic feeding system.

‘Visit the Manufacturer’ tours for Russian customers

In 2013, Lely took its first step on Russian soil. The objective was expansion in the Russian market.  From that moment, Red Star became Lely’s permanent partner in the organisation and implementation of ‘Visit the Manufacturer’ tours for potential Russian customers and investors.  During these four-day tours, we visit the Lely factory in Maassluis together. We also make field visits to Dutch companies where Lely machinery can be seen in operation. During extensive presentations, Russian guests receive all technical explanations and necessary information about Lely products.

Tangible sales results

With its dedication and enthusiasm, the Red Star team ensures that the Lely core values – innovation, passion, progress, respect and fairness – are communicated properly to the Russian guests. And most important of all: Lely’s advanced agricultural machinery can now be found on the Russian market!

Royal Talens

Brand management, product development, marketing support

Royal Talens is a well-known manufacturer of painter’s materials, and since 1899 has been established in Apeldoorn.  The Talens products are well-known and appreciated by painters throughout the world under the brand names Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Amsterdam, Cobra and ArtCreation 

Red Star has carried out various assignments in the field of brand management, product development and marketing for the international marketing department of Royal Talens.

For instance, we worked on the development of a new range of brushes, painting accessories, canvasses, acrylic and oil paint for the brands ArtCreation, Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Amsterdam.  These development processes comprise an enormous amount of activities, from market and competitor research and consumer surveys to packaging design and communications materials for the shops.

Red Star carried out all these activities in close collaboration with the purchasing, sales, production and laboratory departments of Talens and external advertising and translation agencies. Red Star fulfilled a steering and coordinating role here.

FSS International

Getting to work in Russia

FSS International is a total supplier of fire resistant products such as ventilation grilles, fire dampers, fire stops and numerous other fire resistant products for penetrations in fire partitions.

FSS approached Red Star with the request to carry out market research and to find a distributor in Russia. The results of the market research were positive. The construction industry in Russia showed positive trends. The fire resistant products were not yet known on the Russian market. At the same time, laws were passed obliging building companies to comply with a number of requirements for the promotion of fire safety. Including the use of fire resistant products.

Successful start-up

Red Star conducted a partner search for FSS. PSK Group from Krasnodar proved to be a suitable partner. Red Star has successfully assisted the two companies in the negotiation process and contract negotiations. The result: a partnership contract for FSS with the PSK Group and as a consequence FSS products on the Russian market!