Royal Talens

Brand management, product development, marketing support

Royal Talens is a well-known manufacturer of painter’s materials, and since 1899 has been established in Apeldoorn.  The Talens products are well-known and appreciated by painters throughout the world under the brand names Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Amsterdam, Cobra and ArtCreation 

Red Star has carried out various assignments in the field of brand management, product development and marketing for the international marketing department of Royal Talens.

For instance, we worked on the development of a new range of brushes, painting accessories, canvasses, acrylic and oil paint for the brands ArtCreation, Van Gogh, Rembrandt and Amsterdam.  These development processes comprise an enormous amount of activities, from market and competitor research and consumer surveys to packaging design and communications materials for the shops.

Red Star carried out all these activities in close collaboration with the purchasing, sales, production and laboratory departments of Talens and external advertising and translation agencies. Red Star fulfilled a steering and coordinating role here.