Our core values

Personal attention

A personal approach, that’s what Red Star stands for. The unique situation and the unique profile of the client are the starting point. We see our work as a collaboration with the client, where personal attention and customization are very important.


Our professional honour stands in front of the personal touch. The will to be the best. The passion to be one step ahead of the competition. To deliver more than our client expects. We want to create business services so our client has structural benefits from it.

Mutual trust

Red Star is characterized as a clear business partner. “Doing what has been agreed” is our top priority. This is something we expect from ourselves and our clients. We give great value on mutual trust, an important condition for building a long-term relationship.


We are close to the customer, allowing us to respond quickly and flexibly to wishes, questions and new developments. Short lines of communication, direct contacts and a high level of responsibility characterize the Red Star working process.

Continuous improvement

Red Star always wants to be ahead, just like you. That’s why we come up with innovative solutions for unique challenges. Creative and out of the box. We continually evaluate, monitor and optimize our services, methods and processes.