Lely Industries

Tangible sales results

Lely Industries NV is a Dutch multinational company with its head office in Maassluis. The agro-technology company produces advanced agricultural machinery. Lely operates in about 60 countries and comprises a large number of subsidiaries worldwide.

Lely presents itself as ‘Innovators in Agriculture’ and is continuously occupied in the improvement and renewal of feeding, milking and mowing machinery. The Lely Astronaut milking robot is the most obvious. Another typical Lely product is the Lely Vector; a unique, automatic feeding system.

‘Visit the Manufacturer’ tours for Russian customers

In 2013, Lely took its first step on Russian soil. The objective was expansion in the Russian market.  From that moment, Red Star became Lely’s permanent partner in the organisation and implementation of ‘Visit the Manufacturer’ tours for potential Russian customers and investors.  During these four-day tours, we visit the Lely factory in Maassluis together. We also make field visits to Dutch companies where Lely machinery can be seen in operation. During extensive presentations, Russian guests receive all technical explanations and necessary information about Lely products.

Tangible sales results

With its dedication and enthusiasm, the Red Star team ensures that the Lely core values – innovation, passion, progress, respect and fairness – are communicated properly to the Russian guests. And most important of all: Lely’s advanced agricultural machinery can now be found on the Russian market!