Business Improvement: improvements you deserve

You have an agent or a distributor in Eastern Europe with whom you have been working for a while. But the sales figures are disappointing. You think they could be better, but you don’t know exactly what the problem is and what you could do to improve the situation. You don’t get a lot wiser from discussions with your trading partner.

Do you get the feeling that things are presented more favourably than that they really are? Did you choose your partner carefully at the time, or did you start with the first one you found? Are you certain that your partner conducts the correct growth strategy for your products? And is he really working for you? Have you made proper agreements with your partner about prices, terms of delivery, etc.?

Multifaceted support

We will be pleased to help map your situation, and subsequently draw up an improvement plan together with you. Red Star can also support you with carrying out the necessary improvement activities.